BC Government Rebates

Cash Back for Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Make energy efficient upgrades to your home which qualify you for provincial and federal incentives and PST exemptions. An energy efficient home will help you save money, increase comfort and reduce your impact on the environment.

This $60-million program creates a single access point for provincial, utility and federal incentives by highlighting the best opportunities for energy savings and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Here’s How

1 – Contact a certified energy advisor through the Home Renovation Rebate Offer: Efficiency Incentive Program to perform an energy assessment of your home and to highlight cost-effective options for reducing energy use.

2 – Get three quotes for all major investments – compare the price, quality of products, service and warranties.

3 – Make energy efficient improvements to your home within 18 months.

4 – Book a second energy assessment with the energy advisor who will handle the paperwork for B.C. incentives.

5 – Receive a cheque in the mail: from Home Renovations Rebate Program.

BC Home Renovation Rebate Offer

For complete information on grants, go to fortisbc.com/homerebates or fill out the application form.

The incentives and grants are subject to revision, and will be paid in accordance with the terms and conditions in place at the time of the homeowner’s second energy assessment.


BC Hydro Updated Rebate Assured Insulation kelowna

Home Renovation Rebate Program has a special, limited offer. Click here to find out if you qualify!

Home Renovation Rebate Offer - Assured Insulation Kelowna

In all parts of B.C., homeowners are eligible for rebates and incentives for energy efficiency upgrades.