Mold is a steadily increasing problem in buildings today resulting in one of the most common health risks associated with air quality. The biggest problem with mold, is that it can grow virtually anywhere that moisture is present. The technicians at Assured are proud to add mold control to our long resume of insect related proficiencies.

Large or small, attic or crawlspace, and everywhere in between, let the professionals at Assured handle your mold remediation.

Our proprietary treatment system, powered by our Sherman Foam Blaster, allows us to kill the mold and seal the remaining wood in any tough to reach places. Oh, and our treatment is 100% guaranteed in any treated areas for 5 years, meaning if it comes back, so do we. Our technicians will also advise you on how to correct your ventilation issues to ensure that the moisture and the mold never return. Don’t delay. Take mold off of your list of issues to deal with right now and enjoy the benefits of clean, sporeless air immediately.

Common Causes

High Indoor Humidity Poor Plumbing Poor Construction
Gaps in Exterior Siding Water Overflow Poor Ventilation


Areas to watch for mold

Attics Bathrooms Ducts
Inside Wall Cavities Inside Ceiling Panels Window Sills
Behind Wallpaper Basements & Crawlspaces  

Before and After - Mold Removal by Assured Insulation

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Our treatment is 100% Guaranteed in any treated area for 5 years!

For more information or to book an inspection in the Okanagan, call us at 250.300.9372