The Low Down on Asbestos in the Okanagan

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that has been utilized for thousands of years. The mineral fibres are heat resistant, strong and very flexible – making it perfect for insulation, among other building supplies.

In Canada, we see asbestos most in vermiculite insulation.


Vermiculite, What is it?!

Homes built between 1920 and 1990 often used vermiculite insulation because of these attractive features, learning later on what negative attributes came with the product which impose a health risk. It’s very probable vermiculite insulation contains traces of asbestos, and a professional can test this by collecting bulk samples for analysis.


Should I remove it?!

While undisturbed, vermiculite does not present any immediate hazards. The problem lies wherein the material is moved – the fibres that make asbestos the durable, flexible and heat resistant power-force it is, have since been proven to cause serious and dangerous health problems when inhaled (we call it a “friable” substance). Once the insulation is disturbed in any way there’s a cause for concern, which is why handling asbestos is dealt with such precaution, holding strict regulations to maintain and ensure a high standard of health.

With that said, the safest solution is to remove it. The professionals at Assured Insulation Services are happy to provide a free consultation on the best, safest, and most cost effective way forward.


Ruwac Attic Vac for Vermiculite Removal

Traditionally, vermiculite removal was a long and arduous process, with workers manually removing the asbestos-containing material with shovels by hand. This traditional process is costly due to man-hours involved and is less effective in ensuring all friable asbestos particles are contained and removed.

Our Ruwac Vermiculite Vacuum uses specialized HEPA hoses to rid this dangerous material completely, effectively and quickly. Combining our WorkSafeBC approved Safe Work Procedures with the Ruwac Vermiculite Removal vacuum helps us to streamline this serious task in the most beneficial and safe manner.

Benefits of the Ruwac Vermiculite Removal Vacuum:

  • Less cost by you
  • Less time inconvenienced with workers in your attic
  • More effective in removing all friable dangerous substances

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